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Britain characterized by providing many job opportunities for residents and expatriates from other countries, beside the comfort of living and equality of rights and provides them with free health care, what made the number of migrants increasing every day. Where you can get the permanent residence during two months only.

Investors Migration – requirements

  • Have 2 Million sterling pounds in a accreted bank.
  • Invest all the amount in buying governmental deeds, shares or in active company for three years.

Businessmen Migration – requirements

  • Have 200,000 Sterling Pounds in accreted bank exists for at least 90 days
  • The ability to transfer the amount to UK within 6 months after grant the visa
  • Pass English language test with score of B1
  • Have at least 3,310 Sterling Pounds for the applicant & 1,890 Sterling Pounds for each family member included in the transaction for at least 90 days before applying
  • Propose a business plan

All the above information are changeable pursuant to the regulations issued by the government from time to time,
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