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Canada has high quality life standers in any of its states, where the Canadian governorate provides free education for children and health insurance for all family members. The applicant may have the permanent residence during less than one year then has the citizenship if residency requirements were fulfilled

Skilled Migration- requirements:

  • Have one year experience – at least - out of the last 10 years in one of the required occupations
  • English language certificate with minimum average 6/9 in each section in IETLS test
  • Reach the minimum score of 67
  • Get the highest points possible in the Automatic system and be chosen from it.

Investors Migration- requirements:

  • Investing an amount between 200,000 – 150,000 Canadian Dollars by establishing a new company or buying an existing one.
  • Have a personal assist in amount between 350,000 - 600,000 Canadian Dollars at least.
  • Pass a point system and present a business plan.
  • Have business experience as a senior manager and/or owner of a business.
  • Have at least two years of post-secondary education or own 100% of a business.
  • Appoint one employee at least of Canadian citizen or bearer of permanent resident.

All the above information are changeable pursuant to the regulations issued by the government from time to time,
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