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Belgium is the lowest cost in investment in comparison with other European countries and has highest and equal rights and justice. Through Belgian passport you can travel to all European countries without visa, all of that through the investors migration program:


  • The ability to speak English (only for the interview in the Belgium Embassy is conducted in English).
  • The applicant must have higher management experience at his home country or country of residence”.
  • The applicant must submit a business plan explaining the type of business and business financial projections and must provide evidence of financial capability to establish the business he intends to open in Belgium.
  • Obligation of opening a business in Belgium that would sustain them (and their families if applicable) for at least 2 years.
  • Show financial ability to support themselves for the first two years

All the above information are changeable pursuant to the regulations issued by the government from time to time,
So kindly to refer to our office for taking the legal consultancy from immigration consultant for free