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After the development and economic growth in Australia it needs disciplines hands in different functions and specializations, from all over a world that’s by getting 60 points at least in skilled migration program, through this program you may have the permanent residence during two years with the possibility to have the citizenship when residency requirement is fulfilled.

Skilled migrant – requirements:

  • Main applicant has an experience in one of the required occupations
  • The applicant has to be very good in English language
  • Age less than 50 years.
  • Have certificates equation and experience from the concerned institution
  • Be chosen from  the automatic system and invited to apply
  • Pass the medical tests for all family members applying

Investors Migration – requirements:

  • Be under 55 of age
  • Have managed a successful business with ownership percentage of 30% at least
  • Have 500,000 Australian Dollars at least as turn over for two out of the four fiscal years from the company you own
  • Have net assets of 800,000 Australian Dollars available for legal transfer to Australia within 2 years from visa grant
  • Reach 65 points minimum in the automatic system
  • Be invited to submit the application and guarantee by one of the Australian States 

All the above information are changeable pursuant to the regulations issued by the government from time to time,
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